Santiment analyst firm cautions against selling Bitcoin to major bookmakers

Bitcoin has been experiencing a surge in prices, with the cryptocurrency’s value edging closer to the $30,000 mark. According to a report by Santiment, this has resulted in a polarizing time for the market, with profit taking and fears of a top becoming prevalent.

The report highlights that the five largest transactions of 2023 have all happened in March, with the latest being a massive 20,000 BTC move that briefly went to address 3JZq4atUahhuA9rLhXLMhhTo133J9rF97j before being moved to multiple others.

The influx of coins moving back onto exchanges between March 13th to 21st is also notable, as Bitcoin’s price surged up to 28k during this period. However, since then, supply has again been moving off of exchanges.

The report also notes that the total number of active sharks and whales (in yellow) and more dormant whales/exchange addresses (in red) are still rising in March, but the yellow line is rising at a slower pace compared to when prices were bottoming out in November and December.

The percentage held by this same shark/whale yellow line looks concerning when taking a look at the percentage of Bitcoin supply held. After an accumulation pattern up until late January, profit taking has gradually taken effect.

The caution flags raised by the large transactions going on in March and the slide down of the 10-10k BTC address tier (by percentage) and tapering off (by total addresses) suggest that there are legitimate concerns about Bitcoin’s ability to surge to $35,000 and beyond.

The cryptocurrency market has always been volatile, and the recent fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price are no exception. The report by Santiment provides valuable insights into the current state of the market and raises important questions about the future of Bitcoin. It remains to be seen whether the caution flags will result in a slowdown of Bitcoin’s upward trajectory or if the cryptocurrency will continue to surge ahead.

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