Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 will support cryptocurrencies by teaming up with Tron, but not the main selling point

Samsung made a few exciting announcements regarding smartphones during its launch yesterday. Surprisingly, because now the Samsung’s new Galaxy S20, in addition to providing advanced cameras, 5G technology will also support cryptocurrency.


The Galaxy S20 series unveils a whole new world for mobile | Source: Samsung

Cryptocurrency support isn’t a selling point for the Samsung’s new Galaxy S20

During the Unpacked event on February 11, 2020, Samsung announced a new generation of smartphones called Galaxy S20 – specialized in providing advanced cameras, 5G technology and would be able to store cryptocurrencies of a friend.

However, unlike previous Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S10s. The Galaxy S20 doesn’t seem to care about bringing Blockchain and cryptocurrency to promote. Although they have previously advertised their phones with their Blockchain, they announced the supported cryptocurrencies and eventually added Bitcoin. But this time around, Samsung barely mentioned the cryptocurrency or the Blockchain anywhere.

However, the cause is not because of the hype about cryptocurrency is slowing down. It seems that phone manufacturers are gradually feeling the advertising of Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Most people are interested in other features provided by the S20. In theory, every smartphone is compatible with cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Therefore, these features are now considered normal for a phone.

In other happenings, it seems that Samsung has partnered with Tron to bring Blockchain technology to more people. However, the details of this partnership have not been disclosed.

An interesting note is how Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 has a secure processor. That processor is dedicated to protecting personal information, including the Blockchain’s private key. The only reference available on Samsung’s official website is that the S20 phones will contain a security processor dedicated to protecting Blockchain’s PIN, password, pattern, and private key.

Besides, there is no more detailed information about Blockchain technology integrated into the phone, which coins are supported, and how many applications will be able to access cryptocurrency support.


Source: Samsung

However, we can look at the phones first to find the answer. The S10s has a secure cover to hold the private keys, kept in the Samsung Knox security. It connects to Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore application, which is used for people to view their balances and send money. Considering that the S20 also contains Knox, maybe it will continue to use the same system.

With Samsung bringing a new line of smartphones to the world, it will be interesting to see if they are worth the premium price.

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