Salesforce and Polygon Partner to Build NFT-Based Rewards System

In a move that further highlights the growing trend of using blockchain technology to enhance customer engagement, Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, has partnered with layer-2 blockchain Polygon to build an NFT-based rewards system. The partnership between Salesforce and Polygon marks a new milestone in the interaction with customers through Web3 technology.

On March 16th, the cloud computing software giant confirmed that it is preparing to launch an NFT-based rewards solution, which will allow users to track real-time blockchain data of Ethereum and Polygon collections in their CRM. The loyalty program is considered the best strategy to retain customers, prolong the customer life cycle, and create a platform for business growth. According to data from Smile.io, loyalty programs can generate about 40% of revenue for businesses.

In recent years, blockchain technology has been increasingly applied in strategies to increase customer engagement, particularly in loyalty programs. For instance, Starbucks, the popular coffee shop chain in the West, also chose Polygon as its partner to build its own NFT-based rewards system in September 2022.

The new rewards system built by Salesforce and Polygon is expected to enhance customer engagement and provide a unique experience to users. Through the use of NFTs, the rewards system can offer more personalized incentives, such as unique digital collectibles and other exclusive items, that can be tailored to the interests and preferences of individual customers.

With the new system, customers will be able to earn rewards through purchases, referrals, and other actions. They can then redeem their rewards for exclusive products, discounts, or other incentives offered by the business. By providing customers with a more personalized and engaging experience, businesses can create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their customers.

The partnership between Salesforce and Polygon represents a significant step forward in the adoption of blockchain technology in customer engagement strategies. As more businesses recognize the benefits of using blockchain technology in loyalty programs, we can expect to see more innovative solutions in the near future.

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