Russia: An entrepreneur from Lipetsk build a house for it cost 1 Bitcoin

An entrepreneur from Lipetsk, whom partners pay with bitcoins, gave an educational interview to the local publication most.tv. He told about migrants in Russia, who send money in crypto and about a new house for 1 Bitcoin.

During the conversation, Alexander told what is Bitcoin, mining, and also about the use of cryptocurrencies:

“Bitcoin is the same means of payment as ordinary money, it can be paid for purchases. I know for sure that migrant workers from Asia who work in Russia transfer money to relatives in bitcoins. It turned out to be easier and the transfer fees are much lower. Despite the fact that the company with which the businessman works pays for his work with bitcoins, he does not adhere to the hodl strategy.

“There is a chance that Bitcoin will rise in price. And counting on it, it makes sense to buy and hold. But I do not hold. I’m building a house and a box for it cost me 1 BTC,” Alexander said.

Recall, that in October 2018, crypto enthusiast Rafael Hawksley traveled to 19 countries for 1 bitcoin to collect material for a film about the cryptocurrency industry.

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Ethiopia, Egypt, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland.

In all countries, the traveler paid for purchases and services in cryptocurrency and used a bank card in countries with strict regulations. During the year, he met John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin, and also took many interviews. In general, Raphael shot 178 hours of material for the future film about cryptocurrency.

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