Ronin hackers moved tens of millions worth of stolen Ether through Tornado Cash in the past week

The entity behind Ronin’s unprecedented $655 million mining in March apparently moved tens of millions of stolen Ether (ETH) via the secure Tornado Cash protocol over the past week.

Ronin exploiter moved 21,000 Ether to Tornado Cash in past week

Activity over the past week from the miner’s primary address – tagged Ronin Bridge Exploiter on tracking service Etherscan – clearly shows that over 21,000 ether was moved in several transactions to different wallets.

The data shows that these funds were later transferred to privacy exchange Tornado Cash. The data shows that the miner has made some 100 Ether transactions per wallet from all of those wallets.


Transfers to Tornado Cash were done in amounts of 100 ETH, as this wallet show | Source: Etherscan

The transfer to Tornado Cash was done in the amount of 100 Ether. The funds transferred to Tornado Cash are worth up to $65 million at current prices. The amount moving out of the main wallet ranged from 1,000 ETH to 3,202 ETH this morning, the highest so far.

Some wallets, such as 0xdf225C84A0eAEAaAC20E6C1d369e94EE13B9dF2A , have noticed multiple ether deposits from miners. Others like 0x429a66e7bD829F9453CEE5239Bfeaf5657A11A3e see only one deposit.
The main wallet continues to hold 151,055 ether, worth $461 million at current prices at the time of writing.

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