RippleX finally released the NFT-Devnet for users to test the blockchain’s NFT functionalities

Earlier, RippleX announced that the NFT testnet is now available for developers to learn about and experiment with the native NFT capabilities introduced with XLS-20d.

Twitter account NIKB (@nbougalis), cryptographer & software engineer, tweeted:

NFTs can now be tested on the XRPL as RippleX releases NFT-Devnet

The NFT market continues to boom with flooded markets, and Ripple is bullish in this area. Months after first announcing the development of an NFT platform on the XRP Ledger, RippleX has finally released NFT-Devnet for users to test the blockchain’s NFT functions.

“The RippleX Dev team launched the NFT-Devnet to make it easy for developers to experiment, by building and testing apps that use this new extension to the core ledger protocol. It’s important to point out that the launch of this sandbox does not in any way impact the XRP Ledger at this point in time, nor does it shift our singular focus on performance and scalability”, he added.

The XLS-20d was a proposal introduced in May last year to build extensions to the XRP Ledger for it to support unique NFTs native to the network and enumerate, transfer, and hold such tokens. The NFT-Devnet has been created as a beta environment for developers to test NFT functionalities on the XRPL before the XLS-20d is released on the mainnet.

“Advanced features like automatic royalties, which enable more sophisticated royalty structures for creators, and co-ownership, which expands access possibilities to assets, are also built into the proposal,” the statement stated.

RippleX further revealed that the release of NFT-Devnet will allow developers to first mint NFT on XRPL and what a test network built exactly like the main DevNet will look like. NFT-Devnet will also serve as a platform for XLS-20d to be released first so developers and server operators can test both the capabilities and requirements of the proposed changes without compromising the performance of the XRPL.

It’s no wonder that Ripple is trying to monetize a thriving industry through a number of proposed changes and developments. At the same time, it has also maintained a focus on making these NFTs cost-effective and environmentally friendly, something its Ethereum rival has been widely criticized for lacking.

RippleX has also been heavily involved in attracting quality developers and creators to its platform in order to fulfill its vision of making XRPL the blockchain of choice for NFTs. In early September, it made NFT the focus when it released the first wave of XRPL funding aimed at its development. A total of 25 applicants from around the world received $2 million for the same.

Furthermore, Ripple also introduced a $250 million creator fund at the same time to engage NFT developers on Ledger and explore its use cases.

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