RippleX Announces $2.6 Million XRPL Grant Recipients

RippleX, the team that provides infrastructure, tools, services, programs, and support to XRPL developers, has announced the Wave 4 grantees of XRPL grants.

According to a blog post, 25 projects representing the topics of sustainability and diversity, fairness and inclusion, and general technical initiatives received $2.6 million in XRPL funding in Wave 4.

Wallets, payment systems, event ticketing, Shopify-related apps, pet ownership that uses NFTs for identification, ID verification, fraud protection, health, and wellness projects integrating athletic performance data and NFTs, among others, are among the Wave 4 funded projects.

RippleX underlines the XRPL Grants program’s commitment to assisting with sustainability initiatives and solutions and combatting climate change by employing the carbon-neutral XRP Ledger by recognizing Wave 4 Sustainability Focused Projects.

According to the blog post, applications for the following phase, Wave 5, will open in February 2023. Sendi Young, Ripple’s MD for Europe, thinks that consumers and policymakers will continue to analyze the sustainability credentials of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, adding to a long list of predictions.

She believes that more sustainability will be achievable with less energy-intensive blockchains and blockchain-enabled solutions, such as the tokenization of carbon credits. XRPL boasts that it is carbon neutral and uses less energy than POW (proof-of-work) blockchains.

Ripple has pledged $100 million to carbon markets by 2022. The finance is targeted at accelerating carbon removal activity and assisting in the modernization of carbon markets through investments in carbon removal enterprises and climate-focused fintechs.

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