Ripple unveiled the final teams of NFT makers to join the company’s Creator Fund

According to a recent blog post, Ripple has added the final pool of NFT producers to the list of people who will use Ripple’s Creator Fund in the first wave. The projects selected by this fund will create a “problem-centered utility” of NFT tokens, such as carbon credits, real estate, media, and more.

Ripple names new companies to start making NFTs on XRP Ledger

The $250 million funds explicitly created for this purpose will allow development teams to use the XRP Ledger to create and launch their NFT projects.

The Ripple Foundation was created to help NFT producers launch their products on the XRP Ledger. To date, more than 4,000 creators have applied for access to creator funding and tech and creative support. Among those who have been approved to use the benefits of the Creator Fund are Justin Bua, Steven Sebrig, and Michael Jordan.

Among the newly approved projects for participation are Rare Air Media, NFT artists Cecey Meadem, and Jessica Ragzy.

In the blog post, the blockchain company also announced a new partnership with Momento NFT and WENEW Labs to provide better conditions for NFT creators. In the first week of April, Ripple launched XRP Ledger version 1.9. It includes modifications to the XRP Ledger protocol to support native NFTs on XRPL. The launch of the Ripple Creator Fund was announced at the end of September last year.

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