Ripple sold $500,000,000 worth of XRP last year

Last year, the blockchain-focused remittance company Ripple sold $500,000,000 worth of XRP and used the proceeds to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. In July of 2019, Ripple announced that it had reached that figure of half a billion dollars in total investments through its fundraising arm Xpring.

Headquarter of Ripple in San Francisco

Here’s a look at Ripple’s sales throughout the year.

Ripple’s fundraising and development arm Xpring has invested in a number of crypto-based startups including Kava Labs, Dharma Protocol, Raised in Space Enterprises, Robot Ventures and SendFriend.

The platform Xpring of Ripple is now aiming to provide educational content and insights to its viewers to give depth to the subject. This week Ripple has also started a recruitment process for the Xpring platform for various levels of development. It is also planning to enlarge its ecosystem and develop its XRP ledger.

The XRP community watches the XRP growing and makes further bullish forecasts

Investor Kevin Cage says that people are starting to pay attention to XRP only now, while they had plenty of time to accumulate XRP before – while it was trading below $0.20.

He reckons that interest to assets rising in price is much higher than to those which are in the lows and so he believes that when XRP hits $1, many will start buying it only then.

Technical analysts are also bullish on this coin, although they pay much more attention to Bitcoin and Ethereum

I’d like to see head a little further north this weekend, say about +15%? The Crypto Dog explained.

CEO Brad Garlinghouse Shares Future Of Ripple In An Interview With CNN

Brad Garlinghouse came into an appearance in an interview by CNN’s Julia Chatterley. The interview will be aired “First Move” and is planned to be on the 17th of February. The info on the interview was publicized when Julia took it to twitter to thank Brad for interviewing CNN and its viewers.

Previously Julia had asked her twitter audience on what to ask Brad on the upcoming interview, and many followers came up with interesting questions for the same.

Majority of the questions included on Ripple’s plans and the reason for varied fluctuation on the XRP market price and its performance while a group of followers was interested in Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity.

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