Ripple recruits former high profile employee of Mastercard to expand RippleNet in Europe

In order to expand Ripple’s global financial network in Europe, Ripple announced that it has hired and appointed Sendi Young, a former senior Mastercard employee, as Managing Director of European Operations.


Sendi Young becomes Ripple’s new General Manager in Europe

Ripple welcomes a high profile executive from Mastercard as Managing Director of its business in Europe

Young is someone who has spent over fifteen years in the fintech business. Besides, she is also a talented alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School. Young will now head Ripple’s business expansion in Europe and also expressed his joy on Twitter as follows:

Young has devoted nearly 20 years to fintech, consulting, and payments spent 5 years working for Mastercard, helping the fintech giant develop its strategy, land new partnerships with banks and payment firms, and was in charge of business development overall. In particular, during her time with Mastercard, she worked to improve services to help banks transition to real-time payments, Open Banking and AI.

Now, Sendi Young has joined Ripple as Managing Director of European Operations to help the company expand RippleNet’s global financial network in that region in the same way.

Sendi Young has become a crypto believer, as her extensive experience with banks and the traditional financial system has led her to believe that banking infrastructure is preventing global frictionless value exchange across borders and inclusion.

She is sure that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be a global game-changer, helping the current financial system take a big step forward.

“These technologies can make the global financial system fairer, more inclusive, and more transparent – this is just the beginning of what’s possible and I’m excited to be joining such a talented and passionate team and a company that is at the forefront of this step-change”, she said.

A fourth of Ripple’s clients are situated in Europe, and European On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) volume is 250% higher since the start of this current year contrasted with 2020. Wave. It proceeds with its associations with organizations like Paydek, Xbaht, Lemonway, and MoneyNetint in Europe.

Data from the Uphold website shows UK transaction volumes across all cryptocurrencies have leaped 16-fold during the first three months of 2021. However, the most interesting twist in the data reveals that XRP’s transacted volume is at least eight times that of Bitcoin.

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