Ripple’s ODL corridor in Mexico and wallets on a few other top exchanges have received 126.5 million XRP

According to Whale Alert, investors made huge transactions between their wallets, transferring nearly 130 million XRP distributed by Ripple to major digital exchanges.


Source: Whale Alert

126.5 million XRP on the go

In the past 24 hours, a staggering amount of XRP tokens have been butchered by crypto whales as they move XRP primarily from Bittrex to Bitstamp, Bitso, and more.

Whale Alert detected five transactions, carrying $105,840,893 worth of XRP — 126.5 million tokens. These funds were converted to block 13,601,064; 30,000,000; 40,000,000; 22,300,000 and 20,260,426 XRP.

From that amount, 70 million was sent from the US-based Bittrex platform to Bitso and Bitstamp. The latter resumed XRP trading after suspending it in January 2021 after the SEC began legal action against Ripple and its two most senior executives, Chris Larsen and Bradley Garlinghouse.

Bitso also transferred 22,300,000, transferring it between its wallets. This Mexico-based crypto unicorn received an undisclosed investment from Ripple Labs in the fall of 2019 and is currently one of the ODL corridors, along with Bitstamp.

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