Ripple lawsuit possibility remains that resolution will be reached in 2023

An unexpected request was made to pro-Ripple attorney Jeremy Hogan on Twitter: a victory dance after Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit.

“I would love to see a video of attorney Jeremy doing a happy dance after Ripple wins the case,” the user tweeted. Hogan’s response to the user’s request was in the affirmative: “That, can be arranged,” he answered.

Pro Ripple Lawyer Shares Plans if Ripple Triumphs in XRP-SEC Lawsuit

The response elated members of the XRP community; one person even commented on the page that they would all join in the victory dance. The “first set of outcomes” in the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit is about to happen. The judge’s decision is awaited after the motions for summary judgment were properly discussed during the previous year.

By March 31, 2023, one significant written judgment is expected, according to James K. Filan, a U.S. defense attorney who frequently tweets about the case. In the first half of 2023, a resolution, according to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, may be reached. No matter the choice, there’s still a chance that a solution may be reached by 2023.

This week, John Deaton, the creator of CryptoLaw, helped cryptocurrency firm LBRY win a key victory when the judge categorically stated that his decision did not apply to trades of LBC tokens on the secondary market. This implies that “LBC itself is not a security. If it were, his ruling would apply to all sales.” John Deaton stated this in tweets.

Josh Barbin, a fiduciary, believes this strengthens Ripple’s argument that the current version of XRP (at least non-escrowed or pre-allocated) is not a security. Hester Pierce, a commissioner of the SEC, also expressed her opinion that the SEC’s case is not as strong as it presumes and that a judge may support Ripple’s argument.

Hopes for a successful resolution in the Ripple lawsuit, which many believe will clear up the cryptocurrency market, continue to rise as the days pass.

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