Ripple has helped to wire nearly 766.7 million XRP worth more than $180 million

According to WhaleAlert, large movements of cryptocurrencies have spotted several substantial transactions that carried nearly 767 million XRP. Two of these transfers carried more than an eye-popping 280 million XRP each.

Ripple Sells Millions Worth of XRP

Ripple fintech giant was spotted shifting 50,000,000 XRP worth $18,877,056. This chunk of crypto was sent to the company’s alternative wallet, RL18-VN.

This address is used for converting XRP into fiat, as well as for moving XRP outside the company – to crypto exchanges and financial institutions that are among Ripple’s clients. Aside from that, RL18-VN is also used to send XRP to the company’s liquidity corridors (ODL platforms).

The rest of the aforementioned gigantic amount of XRP was wired between several large global crypto exchanges – Bittrex, Bitstamp, BitGo, and Bitso.

Two massive single lumps of XRP were sent between anonymous wallets. One of them carried 286,122,720 XRP, and the other one moved 279,622,820 worth $106,641,340 and $105,723,950, respectively.

The total amount of XRP transferred is equal to $180,770,321.

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