Ripple has filed redacted motion to exclude testimony of SEC expert

John Deaton, the founder of CryptoLaw and a blockchain enthusiast, responds to a question about the likelihood of the judge ordering that the Hinman documents should be sealed, precipitating a potential settlement in the Ripple dispute.

Ripple Lawsuit: Settlement With SEC Might Include This “Agreement” per John Deaton

Deaton responded that in such a case, a settlement would include an agreement not to divulge any papers received during the case’s litigation. Ripple reported in October that it had obtained the long-sought documents of former SEC employee William Hinman, but the records are still sealed to the public.

“Ripple isn’t going to be the only company that seeks disclosure of those documents. Other defendants sued by the SEC will, FOIA litigation”, Deaton further adds.

In his 2023 predictions, John Deaton believes that the Ripple issue will not be settled until Judge Torres makes a judgment. This strengthens Deaton’s assumption that a court decision is more likely than a settlement.

Deaton stated in a series of tweets at the beginning of January that the lawsuit might not be settled due to the Hinman emails. He claims that if the emails had been as harmful as most believe, they would not have been turned up to Ripple.

The sealing conflicts remain the continuing issue in the Ripple litigation, even though petitions for summary judgment and motions to exclude expert witnesses have been completely briefed.

The SEC filed its Response in Partial Opposition to Ripple’s Defendant’s Motion to Seal Certain Documents filed in connection with the parties’ Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment earlier this week. In recent developments, Ripple has filed a redacted move to exclude an SEC expert’s testimony and related exhibits from the public docket. Redacted Daubert filings, or those that exclude expert testimony, are now available on CryptoLaw’s official website, according to James K. Filan. The SEC has also filed an omnibus motion to exclude the expert testimony of the Ripple defendant.

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