Ripple & FLUF World announce unprecedented partnership

Ripple, a well-known developer of corporate crypto and blockchain solutions, in cooperation with FLUF World, a global creative community and NFT collectibles ecosystem, announces the launch of a decentralized blockchain network, the Root Network. The network is being created to bring to life “The Open Metaverse,” which will aggregate multiple NFT collections with over 195,000 different items and over 340,000 transactions.

Ripple concludes new partnership to create open Metaverse

According to the statement made by the developers of “The Open Metaverse,” they felt that they would not find a better foundation for building such a complex structure than the XRP Ledger and decided to build the Root Network on exactly that blockchain.

Revealing details around “The Open Metaverse” itself, it has been stated that it will be seamless and interoperable. According to the official website of the project, the metaworld stands on two main principles:

  • Achieving an immersive experience that touches on the theme of a seamless virtual world.
  • Users’ ownership of their assets, including full control over in-game items and the freedom of player-owners to act on them how they want.

User ownership of their assets, including full control over in-game items and the freedom of player owners to act however they wish. When explaining the need for a completely separate network for Metaverse in the future, the FLUF World developers say that they proceed from a desire to provide every creator with access to smart contract functionality. normally without having to write or execute contracts yourself, note that code previously written to work on the Ethereum blockchain can run on the Native Network via the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The native network will also support bridging to the XRPL and ETH networks, helping to connect them to the two largest web3 communities. It should also be recalled that XRP has been chosen as the underlying asset for gas payments on The Root Network’s multi-token network.

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