Ripple defendants have filed their response

Ripple has issued a three-page response to the SEC’s submission of proposed transactions to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s letter opposing Movants’ proposal to submit an amicus brief involving one of the experts of the SEC.

Ripple claims SEC is attempting to conceal its flaws from public criticism

As stated in a brief statement by the defense attorney, James K. Filan, Ripple defendants stated that they have no objection to the SEC’s move to completely seal certain exhibits, including information received from the expert form. It stated that the SEC had decided to sell the rest of its exhibits, and proposed transactions into the protest letter were filed. Ripple felt that the SEC “failed to meet standards in sealing documents.”

Furthermore, “the SEC has requested redactions of passages demonstrating the weakness of the expert’s analysis.” These passages do not pose any safety risk but instead, appear to be targeting information that would reflect weakness in the SEC’s case.”

In previous updates, the agency filed a letter requesting that the court seal a portion of Exhibit A to the Ripple defendants’ latest filing regarding the insufficiency of the SEC’s responses to the Fourth Set of Requests for Admission, to which Ripple did not object.

In May, CryptoLaw founder John Deaton requested the court to file an amicus brief to participate in a Daubert challenge relating to the opinion of expert SEC witness Patrick Doody, who claimed to know what motivated XRP holders to buy the asset. The SEC then informed the court of its opposition to the amicus request for permission by XRP holders.

In another update shared by James K. Filan, the court asked the SEC to provide the court, on June 16, with 10 additional documents for in-camera review to support the court’s release. decisions regarding SEC requests for attorney-client privilege. regarding Hinman’s speech. Meanwhile, the XRP community continues to hold its finger on the Hinman email issue. XRP-friendly attorney, Fred Rispoli, remains optimistic about this and the case in general.

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