Ripple claims the court has to deny SEC’s objections to the Hinman email ruling

As AZCoin News reported, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a one-line response to the Ripple Defendants’ efforts to enforce Judge Netburn’s ruling on the authentication of videos of SEC officials’ remarks. The SEC says it takes no position on Ripple’s request to reopen fact discovery. Ripple and the individual defendants, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, subsequently filed their response to the SEC’s objection to recent court rulings regarding to the email disclosure regarding a speech on Ethereum by former top official William Hinman.

Ripple Responds to SEC’s Objections Regarding Hinman Email Rulings

The defendants asked the judge to dismiss the SEC’s objections. So far, Judge Sarah Netburn has issued three orders forcing the agency to produce the documents in question. The court ruled that the company must turn over Hinman’s emails in January after the agency argued that they were protected by deliberate process privilege (DPP).

Prior to that, in April, Ripple scored another significant victory, with Judge Netburn rejecting the plaintiffs’ request for reconsideration. The court also dismissed the SEC’s attorney-client privilege (ACP) requests in July. The court said that providing legal advice was not the primary purpose of the exchanges. Plaintiffs, however, continued to resist the submission of documents.

The court requested permission to challenge the latest ruling at the end of July. Ripple claims that the SEC “misjudged” Judge Netburn’s comments in opposing the court’s decision regarding the DPP. The defendants also allege that the regulator made “no basis” to find that the court had any errors with the APP’s ruling. The defendants argued that the speech documents could reveal the agency’s level of awareness of common practices in cryptocurrency trading, potentially clarifying regulatory uncertainty and reinforcing Ripple’s fair notification protection. Defendants can rely on the documents to ease potential grievances.

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