Ripple along with Binance have shoveled over 200 million XRP worth nearly $170 million

In the past 24 hours, Ripple and Binance have transferred 162 million XRP or about $170 million in fiat.

162 million XRP kicked over by Ripple and crypto giants

Ripple transferred 40,000,000 XRP, or $33,057,964 in fiat, to one of its sub-wallets called RL18-VN. The latter is often used to send XRP outside of the company.

As for the Binance exchange, it is both a sender and a receiver in four other cryptocurrency transactions. A total of 122 million XRP were sent between Binance internal wallets, as well as transferred between anonymous crypto addresses and the exchange.

However, Bithomp clarified that these “unknown wallets” are the Huobi exchange and another one belongs to Binance. Huobi transferred 45 million XRP to Binance and subsequently moved 118 million between its internal addresses.


Source: Whale Alert

On December 1st, as AZCoin News reported, the giant blockchain released a staggering 1 billion XRP from escrow. However, on the same day, 800 million tokens from this incredible amount were deposited back and 200 transferred to the Ripple wallet for further company use.

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