Revealed David Pike’s OneCoin bank fraud indictment, OneCoin is about to be filmed?

DOJ has submitted David R. Pike’s replacement indictment regarding OneCoin fraud. According to the indictment, Pike’s involvement in OneCoin shows him committing bank fraud from 2016 to 2018. Pike worked with Mark Scott to launder money for OneCoin.

David Pike was charged with intentionally defrauding a financial institution

OneCoin has fraudulently appropriated nearly $ 5 billion from investors, since 2015. And until now, OneCoin’s success in the “fraudulent appropriation of assets” still leaves a deep negative repercussion for investors. Notably, HEX, altcoin promises huge profits have disappeared almost the market value in the past few months and are now the focus of public opinion.

The only difference between HEX and OneCoin is that OneCoin has never had the nature of a cryptocurrency. Its leader manipulates the entire exchange and cannot prove the most basic indices, such as market capitalization.

David Pike seems to have deliberately implemented a fake scheme to defraud a financial institution to obtain money, credit, assets, securities, and other assets. His indictment mentioned a third unnamed accomplice.

Around June 2016, a co-worker not named in this document misrepresented an FDIC insured bank in Manhattan, New York. This led the Bank of Manhattan to transfer about $ 5 million into a purpose-built investment fund run by David R. Pike.

Gilbert Armenta, whom we know from the testimony of Konstantin Ignatov in the trial of Mark Scott, has long been an informant to the FBI. Contrary to Mark Scott’s argument, the email exchange between Pike and Scott was confirmed by Armenta that the two of them were planning to cheat in advance.


Mark Scott, Image via Intercontinentalnews

Around August 9, 2016, Pike emailed Scott with the following content:

“They are going to make a move to soon and send up flags that will disrupt the delicate process of attempting to scrub Ruja if they keep this up. You are playing a very delicate game quite well, I am impressed.”

Later, Scott claimed that he did not know OneCoin was a scam and did not engage in bank fraud. Similarly, David Pike also asserted that he did not know anything. Around December 4, 2018, Pike announced he was unaware that $ 400 million was being transferred to private equity funds Pike helped manage that was taken from Ponzi OneCoin or belonged to Ruja Ignatova, the leader of the project. Pike is aware that the money belongs to Ruja Ignatova, and it originates from OneCoin.

Pike’s indictment lists several conspiracies to commit bank fraud. The confiscation of illicit benefits is also sought, but no specific amount is specified. If Pike has laundered whatever OneCoin pays him, DOJ will replace any assets they may find.

On February 6, Pike filed a waiver. Instead of prosecuting with the indictment, Pike agreed to proceed with the information. Given the scope of the OneCoin lawsuit, it is unlikely that the judge will release Pike.

Ruja Ignatova OneCoin will become a movie icon

The co-founder of the OneCoin cryptocurrency scam project is currently underway, receiving allegations of fraud and money laundering. But now Ruja Ignatova may become a movie icon.


The Missing Cryptoqueen

In the Deadline newspaper reported on February 4, an American film production company won the right to produce a podcast about Ruja Ignatova aired on BBC channel, UK. The podcast discusses Ignatova’s sudden rise and disappearance “Crypto Queen,” which has achieved 3.5 million downloads within four months of its final broadcast in 2019. And now New Regency Television will move of the entire podcast into a full-length TV series.

Producer and screenwriter, Georgia Catt tweeted:

Ignatova is currently hiding when prosecutors are prosecuting her and her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, on charges of fraud and money laundering. Konstantin was convicted and faced a 90-year sentence in prison.

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