Release of important XLS-20 amendment postponed, here is when it may be relaunched

XRPL Labs lead developer Wietse Winde said he withdrew a “yes” vote from the XRPL Labs validator in the vote for the XLS-20 amendment. Simply put, an important and long-awaited amendment that would take the NFT to XRPL to the next level may be postponed indefinitely.

XRPL’s Major NFT Amendment Suffers Critical Issue and Has Been Postponed

The reason for this decision was a critical error in the mechanism, in which one who created or minted NFT on XRPL risked getting his XRP frozen. Freezing occurs because, when the creator or minter receives royalties for NFT in a cryptocurrency in which he did not have a “trust line,” a “trust line” for this cryptocurrency automatically gets created at the expense of the XRP reserve of the creator or minter of an NFT.

Such a vulnerability in the XLS-20 mechanism creates an opportunity for exploitation and attacks by unscrupulous users. For this reason, the vote is expected to lose the majority, and then the XRPL Labs team will set out to fix the problem.

Nevertheless, according to Wietse Winde, it is not necessary to say goodbye to the XLS-20 amendment forever, and innovations will definitely happen after the fixation, given that the threshold of 80% of the votes in favor had already been reached once.

At the same time, one of the pro-XRPL activists and creators of the NFT, Combat Kanga, estimates that fixing the problem could take one month at best, and up to two and a half months at worst.

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