Redditor Loses Over 300k in Cryptocurrency Hack: Stresses Importance of Secure Storage

A Redditor with the handle @jbtravel84 shared a devastating story on Reddit, as reported on March 16th, 2023. In his first post, he expressed his regret for storing passwords and seed phrases for his accounts in Evernote. According to him, three of his wallets got hacked, resulting in a total loss of over 300k.

@jbtravel84 identified himself as a big fan of MOONs and revealed that he had over 80k MOONs in his Metamask wallet, which the hacker swapped for ETH and moved to another wallet address. In addition, his Rocketpool Node was compromised, and the hacker changed the withdrawal address. @jbtravel84 acknowledged his biggest loss was with the Rocketpool Node, where he had about 250k staked.

The Deadalus wallet had approximately 8k in ADA, which the hacker also transferred to his wallet address. He mentioned that the hacker’s IP address logs suggested they could be from Germany, although he acknowledged that the login could be through a VPN.

@jbtravel84 appeared devastated and unsure of what to do. He asked for advice from the Reddit community on whether he should contact the FBI. In response, a Redditor advised him to report the case to his local police office.

However, another Redditor mentioned that both IP addresses used by the hacker were Tor exit nodes, which made it difficult to track them through just IP data. The wallets used by the hacker showed no transaction history with any exchanges, making it difficult to trace them.

The community advised @jbtravel84 to monitor the wallets used by the hacker for any movement, hoping that the hacker would transact with a KYC exchange, which would enable authorities to request his details.

In conclusion, this story is a cautionary tale for cryptocurrency holders who may have become complacent with their security measures. It is important to avoid storing passwords and seed phrases in easily accessible locations like Evernote. Additionally, this story highlights the need for better security measures and increased awareness among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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