Reddit Unveils Third Generation of Avatar NFT Gen 3 on Polygon

Reddit is set to release the third generation of Avatar NFT Gen 3 on Polygon. The announcement was made by Reddit’s Chief Product Officer Pali Bhat, who stated that the NFT will be released officially next week. Reddit has previously released several NFT series, and Bhat mentioned that over 2.5 million users have purchased the NFTs released by the platform.

The Avatar Builder was supercharged and linked to a decentralized blockchain network in July 2022, and creators from all over Reddit were invited to design Collectible Avatars. Reddit users could buy or claim a Collectible Avatar, each unique and blockchain-backed, and use it as their avatar on the site. Alternatively, they could mix and match pieces from different avatars to create something even more personalized.

The first creator-made collection sold out quickly, and Reddit continued to release new collections for holidays and events such as Super Bowl 57. As of the podcast recording, over 7 million Reddit users own at least one Collectible Avatar, and creators selling Collectible Avatars on Reddit have earned over $1 million.

In the podcast episode “Collecting Collectible Avatars,” the creators of the Collectible Avatar project shared their insights into the project’s creation, design, and implementation. They explained how the Collectible Avatars grew from Reddit’s existing Avatar platform and how they scaled to support millions of avatars. The creators also discussed how Reddit worked with individual artists and the NFL to produce each avatar.

The third generation of Avatar NFT Gen 3 is set to be released soon on Polygon, and Reddit users are eagerly anticipating its launch. With the success of the previous NFT releases and the popularity of the Collectible Avatars project, it is expected that the third generation of Avatar NFT Gen 3 will be equally successful. As always, Reddit continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on their platform and innovate in new and exciting ways.

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