REALLY Raises $18M Seed Round to Revolutionize Mobile Phone Services with Blockchain Technology

REALLY, a platform founded by CEO Adam Lyons that aims to bring the sharing economy to mobile phone services. The innovative platform recently announced an $18 million seed round led by Polychain and Floodgate founding partner Mike Maples Jr, along with other strategic partners.

REALLY’s goal is to create a blockchain-powered telecommunications community that is owned by the people who use it. With a focus on privacy, accessibility, and true anonymity for a 5G network, REALLY aims to create a brand in the mobile phone service industry that people can trust and love.

In addition to REALLY’s mission, the platform has launched the U.S.’s most comprehensive phone plan comparison tool, REALLY.com. This platform allows individuals to compare 56 carriers and 379 plans to choose the service that’s right for them. Consumers can also join REALLY DeWi, a decentralized mobile network that makes the sharing economy accessible to everyone. By putting a mini cell tower in their home or business, consumers can earn in USD.

REALLY’s infrastructure and service build-out is being led by executives from AT&T, T-Mobile, GoogleFi, uShip, Indeed, Niche, and The Zebra. The platform’s use of the latest infrastructure and blockchain technology breakthroughs will offer consumers more choice, security, privacy, and coverage.

The $18M seed round is the largest telecommunications seed round in U.S. history, which marks the beginning of a new era of community-driven mobile ecosystems. REALLY Wireless is set to launch later this year, and the platform is poised to make a significant impact on the mobile phone service industry and redefine how the industry functions.

According to REALLY’s CEO, Adam Lyons, “We see a massive opportunity to fix this [mobile phone services], and our mission is to create a brand in this industry that people trust and love.”

In conclusion, REALLY’s innovative platform is revolutionizing the mobile phone service industry, offering consumers more affordable and reliable options, and creating a brand that people can trust and love. The platform’s use of blockchain technology is poised to make a significant impact on the industry and redefine how it functions.

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