Reached the $190, ETH price will lead the bull market

The ETH price has held steady within the new $ 180 range until February 2 and has soared to the $ 190. At press time, it seems that ETH has dropped slightly to the $ 188. The market around Ethereum appears to be rising, both short and long term.

The cryptocurrency market in January was relatively well developed

This January has become the month of cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrencies in the top 10 perform quite well. The price of XRP has increased by a minimum of 24.1%, while Bitcoin Cash has risen to 85.2%. The best performers outside the top 10 ended last month with a substantial three-digit increase. Dash increased by 181.5%, followed by ZCash with 179.7% and Ethereum Classic with 153.2%.


Source: Binance

Also, the Bitcoin market dominance decreased from 68% to 65%.

ETH price is likely to rise to $ 400 – $ 600 – $ 800

A well-known Ethereum investor named Jarzoombek recently forecasted that ETH is ready to skyrocket to at least $ 400 in 2020. And since this prediction, the ETH price has risen to $ 190.

Cryptocurrency analyst @CryptoMichNL also seems to support ETH. He even said that ETH would cost about $ 600 or $ 800. He posted a comment, responding to a tweet from the Galaxy trader, who is also backing ETH. Galaxy also shared on its Twitter page the growth that ETH is achieving.

Ethereum will lead the bull market

Trader CryptoWolf shared the situation of Ethereum recently, highlighting the high prospects of the second largest currency by 2020.

It seems that Ethereum will lead the bull market, precisely as it did in; however, some users disagree with CryptoWolf, saying that ETH led the bull market back in 2017 due to the ICO trend, because of all the initial new cryptocurrency projects appeared on Ethereum, then switched to their cryptocurrencies, including such cryptocurrencies like EOS and Tron (currently competing actively with Ethereum), as well as Binance with BNB’s native token.

In general, in the comments for the CryptoWolf post, users are sure that the next rally will be led by Altcoins and are offering their favorites – LINK, VET, XTZ, etc.

Disclaimer: This is not trading advice. Investors should research carefully before making a decision. We are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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