Rakuten NFT Platform to Host Exclusive Sale of JobTribes NFT Starter Packs

DEA, a company that operates a global GameFi platform, Digital Entertainment Asset, has announced that it will release JobTribes NFT packs, a Non-Fungible Token collectible, on Rakuten NFT platform on March 9, 2023. The limited-edition JobTribes NFT pack, named JobTribes Starter Pack vol.1, will include two types of packs, Legendary and Common, each containing six randomly selected NFTs.

JobTribes is an otherworldly battle game centered around the theme of occupations, where players can earn the game’s unique cryptocurrency, DEAPcoin, through gameplay. DEAPcoin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency through crypto exchanges. The NFTs in JobTribes Starter Pack vol.1 are all exclusive to Rakuten NFT, and the NFT pack includes original characters inspired by various professions to commemorate the sale on the platform.

By owning the NFTs, players can use them in JobTribes, which features a Play-to-Earn system, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency while playing the game. Rakuten NFT, which was launched in February 2022 by Rakuten, enables individuals to trade NFTs with each other or purchase NFTs issued and sold by artists. The platform features a wide range of collections, such as sports, anime, idols, games, music, and other themes.

The JobTribes NFT pack will be available for purchase through Rakuten NFT using Rakuten ID or Ethereum (ETH), and customers can also pay with Rakuten Points. The release of this NFT pack will likely appeal to collectors and gaming enthusiasts, and it could open up new opportunities for players to earn DEAPcoin while playing JobTribes. It is another example of how NFTs are being utilized in various ways, from collectibles to gaming items.

The sale of JobTribes NFT packs on Rakuten NFT platform is expected to be popular, as it is the first time such collectibles have been sold in collaboration with Rakuten. With the rising demand for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, it will be exciting to see how this NFT sale performs in the market. The release of JobTribes NFT pack is another addition to the growing list of NFT-based collectibles that Rakuten NFT has been offering to its users.

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