Radiant Capital (RDNT) Pump Over 30% Following Binance Listing Announcement

Binance has revealed that it will list Radiant Capital (RDNT) in the Innovation Zone. This means that users of the popular cryptocurrency exchange can now start depositing RDNT in preparation for trading, which will officially begin on March 30th at 07:30 (UTC).

Spot trading pairs for RDNT will include RDNT/BTC, RDNT/USDT, and RDNT/TUSD. The listing fee for RDNT will be 0 BNB, which is sure to be a welcome relief for traders who are accustomed to paying high fees for new listings.

In addition to being added as a spot trading pair, RDNT will also become a new borrowable asset on Binance’s Isolated Margin platform. This will allow traders to use RDNT as collateral when making leveraged trades with these new margin pairs: RDNT/USDT.

Radiant Capital is a decentralized omnichain money market protocol. This means that users can stake their collateral on one of the major chains and borrow from another chain, making it a versatile and flexible platform for cryptocurrency trading.

RDNT is the utility token for liquidity mining and governance on the Radiant Capital platform. With the news of its listing on Binance, RDNT has seen a surge in the value of up to 30%, currently trading at $0.45 USD.

RDNT/USDT 1 hour-chart on OKX exchange | Source: TradingView

The Innovation Zone is a special trading zone on Binance where new and innovative tokens can be listed. This provides traders with access to cutting-edge technologies and investment opportunities. However, it is important to note that the Innovation Zone carries higher risks than other trading zones on Binance, and traders are advised to exercise caution when trading in this area.

Overall, the addition of Radiant Capital to Binance’s platform is an exciting development for the cryptocurrency community. It provides traders with new opportunities for investment and trading, while also highlighting the growing importance of decentralized money market protocols in the cryptocurrency space.

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