Pyth Network partners with Blast, brings random numbers and price feeds to Layer 2

Pyth Network, a leading oracle provider for financial market data, has announced a strategic partnership with Blast, a new Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that offers native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Pyth Network has deployed its on-chain random number solution, Pyth Entropy, and its price feed system, Price Feeds, to the Blast network, enabling developers to access over 400 real-time price sources and a new source of randomness.

Blast is a novel Layer 2 solution that aims to unlock a new decentralized economy, driven by DeFi, NFTs, and SocialFi. Blast users can enjoy faster and cheaper transactions, as well as earn yield on their ETH and stablecoins. Blast is backed by prominent investors such as Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and eGirl Capital.

Pyth Network is a cross-chain oracle network that delivers high-fidelity, low-latency, and wide-ranging market data to smart contract platforms. Pyth Network supports over 400 data feeds across five major asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, forex, and indices. Pyth Network also offers Pyth Entropy, a novel solution for generating decentralized random numbers on-chain, which can power various Web3 applications such as NFTs, prediction markets, and gaming.

The partnership between Pyth Network and Blast recognizes Pyth Network as the preferred oracle partner of the Blast ecosystem. Pyth Network will provide Blast developers with secure, reliable, and low-latency sources of financial data and randomness, which are essential for building sophisticated DeFi primitives and creative Web3 initiatives. Pyth Network will also benefit from the scalability and innovation of the Blast network, as well as its native yield and rewards system.

“We’re proud to partner with Pyth Network, an oracle for financial market data, and now, on-chain random numbers,” said Pacman, core contributor at Blast. “Pyth Data will allow us to leverage the full potential of Blast’s native yield and rewards system, and enable users and developers to use and build cutting-edge Web3-native services on Blast.”

“We’re excited to have Pyth Price Feeds and Pyth Entropy integrated on Blast’s fast, secure, and innovative Layer 2 platform,” said Marc Tillement, Director at the Pyth Data Association. “With real-time market data and reliable random number generation, Blast users will benefit from enhanced DeFi experiences.”

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