Provably Fair Gambling: What It Is and Why Crypto Casinos Use It

Online casinos have greatly improved in recent years, especially with the new development of crypto casinos. These new platforms offer all the usual casino games, but they use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin instead of regular fiat currency. This exciting change has attracted players from all over the world, giving them new and unique chances to win.

One unique aspect propelling crypto casinos to the forefront of online gaming is the advent of ‘Provably Fair Gambling.’ This ingenious technology reassures every player about the fairness of each game – be it the spin of a roulette wheel, the roll of a dice, or the dealing of cards. In the upcoming sections, we will explore what provably fair gambling is and how it is revolutionizing crypto casinos. 

What is Provably Fair Gambling?

In the world of online gaming, fairness of the games is of paramount importance. ‘Provably Fair Gambling’ is a new idea that makes sure games in crypto casinos are fair. It uses complex mathematics and cryptographic technology, which lets players check if each game is fair by themselves. Basically, it makes sure that each game’s result is random and not fixed, which makes players trust it more.

The underlying principle of Provably Fair Gambling is based on a combination of cryptographic hashes and seeds generated on the client side and the server side of the casino. Before each game, the casino generates another unique cryptographic hash (like a fingerprint that cannot be altered) combining the server and client seeds of what the game result will be. This hash remains hidden until the game ends, thus eliminating any chances of manipulation. Players can validate the outcome of the game using these cryptographic hashes and seeds, thereby confirming that the result hasn’t been tampered with.

Provably Fair and Crypto Casinos

The integration of Provably Fair Gambling into crypto casinos is undeniably transforming the industry. It addresses and solves one of the most prominent concerns of all online gamblers which is – “trust”. Provably Fair Gambling helps players trust the games because it lets them verify that the games are fair. This helps improve the reputation and popularity of crypto casinos.

Moreover, this innovative technology helps both the casino operators and the players. For the casino operators, it makes them more trustworthy and more reputable. For players, they have a heightened sense of security, comfort, and confidence knowing that every bet they place is transparent and fair. One of the leading platforms that uses this technology is CryptoGames, which is known for its unwavering commitment to fair gaming and its diverse collection of games.

Why Casinos Should Implement Provably Fair Gambling

In a rapidly evolving online world, trust is a valuable asset. For online casinos, this trust is often built on fairness and transparency. Provably Fair Gambling enhances the transparency and brings full fairness to online gaming, an aspect that’s crucial in building and maintaining player trust.

Online casinos that utilize Provably Fair Gaming are not just providing entertainment, they are offering assurance to all their players. When players feel sure that the games are fair, they’re more likely to keep playing, return often, and help the casino grow. Furthermore, it makes the platform more appealing to a broader audience, including skeptics who have previously stayed away from online gaming due to concerns about fairness.


Provably Fair Gambling has brought a massive improvement in the crypto casino industry. By taking advantage of cryptographic technologies, it brings an unmatched level of transparency and fairness to online gaming. This concept is gaining widespread acceptance and more players like the idea of being able to check if a game is fair or not.

Crypto casinos are leading this change, making sure players can trust that their games are fair and honest. As online gambling keeps evolving, Provably Fair Gambling will become even more important, affecting crypto casinos all over the world.  More casinos will start to implement this technology to build a stronger trust between the players and the gambling operators. This new era of online gaming guarantees a fair, transparent, and exciting experience for all players.

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