Protect users from unintentionally downloading crypto-mining scripts, Microsoft releasing Edge browser

As AZCoin News reported, crypto-ransomware attacks are on the rise. And to protect users from accidentally downloading fraudulent cryptocurrency mining software, Microsoft is releasing a new Edge browser. This software is designed to prevent these types of malware.

Microsoft is releasing its new Edge browser

Microsoft recently released the first full version of the Microsoft Edge browser with some design improvements. Specifically, Microsoft Edge brings new security features to protect users from automatically downloading unwanted applications. Such as adware and other malicious programs that harm the user’s PC. Typical of them is crypto-ransomware.

Recognizing the growing threat of cryptocurrency mining tools, Microsoft has been designed to block these types of malware. Cryptocurrency malware includes software programs and malware components that are programmed to hijack computer resources and use them to mine cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin or Monero, without the consent of the computer owner.

Microsoft Edge users will soon be able to use a full-fledged computer without the risk of accidentally downloading cryptocurrency mining tools. This feature targets less reputable sources that infect websites or advertise online with cryptocurrency mining code, sneakily operating after loading into the victim’s browser.

Eric Lawrence, Chief Program Officer of Microsoft, stated the following:

“The new Microsoft Edge will outperform SmartScreen software. It is even more resistant to cloud-based malware.”

Microsoft has encouraged users to switch to their new browser.

Cloud infrastructure is the most significant attack target

Cryptocurrency mining attacks have increased over the years. For example, for 2020, the Cyber Security Report emphasizes that cryptocurrency mining attacks will dominate cybercrime activity.


Source: Cyber Security Report

Correctly, the report concludes, this year, cloud infrastructure will be a significant target for cryptocurrency mining attacks. However, cyber-attacks involving cryptocurrency mining threaten the entire network spectrum.

Most recently, on January 30, 2020, Microsoft’s security intelligence unit reported that cybercriminals installed malware that exploits Monero cryptocurrency in the background of the deceased basketball superstar Kobe Bryant.

The malicious scenario specifically refers to CoinHive, a browser-based cryptocurrency mining program. Hackers often prefer CoinHive to exploit Monero maliciously.

While Edge’s ability to detect and block cryptocurrency mining tools is welcome, users should still be wary of non-browser-based ways to infect Windows 10 PCs with that code.

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