Popular trader Joe Parys names 3 altcoins to make a 25X rally in January 2022

Top trader Joe Parys shares with his subscribers 3 crypto assets that he is targeting as it possesses great fundamentals to be the next mooning altcoins.

Age of Tanks (AOT)

First on the trader’s list is Age of Tanks (AOT), the first immersive 3D turn-based strategy game on the blockchain-based in a 3D turn-based strategy game in which players construct and command a fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their mission to conquer Earth Zero.

According to the trader, the private sale of the project was on November 28th and the IGO on November 29th on the Seedify Launchpad and EnjinStarter.

“Seedify is one of the leading launchpads that gives a 7,265% ROI for a project. So this may be the next explosive altcoin on your portfolio.”

TaleCraft (CRAFT)

Next up on the list is TaleCraft (CRAFT),  a gaming NFT project on Avalanche.

“It is a card game that you can mint NFT by making various crafts with 4 main cards of element and sell these cards on the marketplace. In the TaleCraft, the 4 main elements are given in Alchemist Chests that will be sold weekly. So the cards are limited. It has a deflationary structure in itself. ”

The trader shares that anyone investors who were managed to get into the presale have gained a 50X return, rising from just $0.26 to $13.52 at the time of the recording. However, he believes that CRAFT still has huge upside potential as the project has solid use cases and a sustainable economic ecosystem.

Mouse Haunt (MHT)

The last altcoin is Mouse Haunt (MHT), a multiplayer play-to-earn game where players collect NFTs, farm tokens, breed characters and build levels. In this revolutionary game, players play as the heroes, as the villains and as the architects of the castles.

Notably, Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game and it is built on Unreal Engine 5.

“This just looks really well done. And what is really important about these cryptocurrency altcoins is to attract people to actually come and play the game, it must look professional.”

The trader also shares that the best skilled and top-ranked players within each league will gain special rewards every two weeks.

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