Polygon’s co-founder Sandeep Nailwal: Our Unchanging Goal is to Mainstream Web3

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has recently shared his vision for the future of his company, stating that the ultimate goal is to mainstream Web3. In an interview with foreign media, he emphasized that this has been an unchanging goal for Polygon, a blockchain platform that provides faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum.

Nailwal believes that the mainstream adoption of Web3 will not only benefit the industry but also lead to cryptocurrency-friendly regulations. He believes that if real value is being created with Web3, regulators will realize it is a legitimate industry.

Polygon aims to become a solution provider for both developers and end consumers, similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nailwal stated that Polygon, like AWS, provides decentralized multi-solution services that developers want, making it a solution provider for developers in the Web3 area.

Moreover, Polygon will allow companies to expand the way they interact with and build relationships with their customers. An example of this is Reddit, which has already been using Polygon for its Ethereum-based community points system. With Polygon’s technology, companies can offer fast and cheap transactions, enabling them to build deeper relationships with their customers.

According to Nailwal, Polygon will allow all solutions to run on top of Ethereum, which has the largest ecosystem, making it a great solution provider for developers. Polygon’s focus on mainstreaming Web3 will not only benefit developers but also end consumers who will have access to faster and cheaper services.

Overall, Polygon’s vision for mainstreaming Web3 is an ambitious one, but Nailwal is confident that Polygon can achieve it. With its technology and solutions, Polygon aims to become a key player in the Web3 space, providing benefits to developers and consumers alike.

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