Polygon Labs Launches Mainnet Beta for Open-Source zkEVM with AGPL v3 License

Polygon Labs, the team behind the popular Polygon network, has announced that its zkEVM technology has been launched on Mainnet Beta and is now fully open-source under an AGPL v3 license. The company believes that open-sourcing Polygon zkEVM is essential for scaling Ethereum in a community-driven by the open-source movement.

Polygon zkEVM is a ZK-rollup that has revolutionized proof generation with its innovative, modular design for a ZK-prover. The technology can now be modified, used, and distributed by developers under the terms of the AGPL v3 license. Polygon Labs chose this license as the most appropriate for technology designed to scale the public good of Ethereum.

As a robust copyleft license, the AGPL v3 obligates developers who modify or distribute the Polygon zkEVM code to make their modifications open-source under the same AGPL v3 license or a more permissive one. This means that all future modifications and distributions of the code will remain open source, ensuring the code cannot be used for proprietary purposes.

Polygon zkEVM was audited by the best-in-class teams at Hexens, Spearbit, and internally by Polygon Labs before the launch of Mainnet Beta. The finalized audit reports are being made available for the public, and any Web3 team, to read. Still, there is always the possibility of undetected bugs that may disrupt network stability, put crypto-assets at risk, or cause users to lose data. Polygon Labs has outlined stringent security measures, including the temporary security council, to help ensure the safety of everyone using the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

As Polygon zkEVM is battle-tested in the real world, a bug bounty of up to $1,000,000 has been set for documenting critical vulnerabilities. Open-sourcing the code will allow other researchers to follow along and modify code, in real time, as Polygon zkEVM becomes feature-complete and works to decentralize the sequencer in the future.

Polygon zkEVM is now available for anyone to use, under the terms of the AGPL v3 license. Developers can take a look through Polygon zkEVM’s Github and use it as they see fit. With this move, Polygon Labs has fulfilled its long-standing promise to the Ethereum community, and the Web3 ecosystem can benefit from each other’s contributions.

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