[Polygon] DIGITALX is launching its NFT collections on Polygon!

22nd July — We are thrilled to announce that DIGITALAX is launching its NFT collections on Polygon!

DIGITALAX’s launch on Polygon will enable its users to perform high-speed transactions at significantly lower costs. Using Polygon’s full-stack Ethereum scaling solution, DIGITALAX can provide a seamless experience to its users.

Users can now explore different fashion NFT collections available on DIGITALAX’s Drip NFT Marketplace. Users will be able to stake their fashion NFTs for crypto yield on Polygon. Moreover, users can buy Polygon DRIP using $MATIC at significantly lower gas fees.

Get some Polygon DRIP here: https://bit.ly/3rqYAB9

Polygon is home to DeFi blue-chip projects such as Aave, SushiSwap, QuickSwap, and more. Additionally, Polygon’s ever-growing DeFi ecosystem will complement DIGITALAX’s goal of merging Fashion with DeFi.

To know more: https://bit.ly/3BraYWo

We look forward to the growth of the DIGITALAX community, and the launch on Polygon will give NFTs a level of permanence and interoperability that web2 simply can’t match.


DIGITALAX is Building the First Web3 Digital Fashion Operating System. We Are Liberating Gaming And Fashion. DIGITALAX is the first NFT live market that brings your unique personality and style into the native digital realms — with layers of verifiable utility, open-sourced material libraries, sustainable digital-physical supply chains, and stakeable value.

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