[Polygon] CertiK Secures Polygon Cohort!

Blockchain security leader, CertiK launches on Polygon!

01 July – We are thrilled to announce that CertiK is aiming to secure the Polygon ecosystem with the help of it’s high-end technology of formal verification of smart contracts. CertiK has been identified as a blockchain security carrier company, turning in ultra-modern cybersecurity answers to a number of the biggest blockchain tasks throughout all primary protocols.

The patented cutting-edge technology and a team of cybersecurity experts to test smart contracts will help CertiK to promote a secured blockchain ecosystem. CertiK uses formal verification to its static evaluation module, which mathematically proves the absence of a number of the most frequent and crucial vulnerabilities that have plagued the blockchain space and are considered to be the conventional testing methods.

Real-time Security Alerts

CertiK’s Skynet launch on Polygon is all set to elevate the full-stack scaling of the blockchain security carrier to a whole new level. We know that smart contracts are immutable and cannot be changed after their deployment. If there is a bug or vulnerability detected then it might give the hacker a chance to exploit it. CertiK has added that extra and enhanced layer of security that will help in the growth of the Polygon ecosystem.

CertiK provides real-time community-driven alerts for potential threats in the smart contracts, these are driven by CertiK’s proprietary technology called Skynet. Users can also make use of the leadership board, for their favourite projects, to ensure the 6-factor security offered by CertiK. Security leadership dashboards offer highly comprehensible and simple to understand visuals and metrics.

Learn more about CertiK

How the Polygon exclusive leaderboard going to look like? have a look:https://www.certik.org/

About CertiK

CertiK is leading the cybersecurity space with the use of formal verification technology on smart contracts. It is considered to be one of the leading companies in blockchain security. CertiK aims to secure the ecosystem from hackers and build a reliable blockchain ecosystem.

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About Polygon

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, etc, and Standalone Chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 450+ Dapps, 350M+ txns, and ~13.5M+ distinct users.

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your Dapp, get started here.

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