Poloniex confirmed to leak list of email addresses and passwords on Twitter

On December 30, the crypto exchange Poloniex confirmed to leak a list of email addresses and passwords on Twitter.

The exchange emailed its customers to notify them of the incident, could be used to log into your Poloniex account. Poloniex is required to reset passwords on any email addresses that have accounts with the exchange.

Poloniex customers thought the email of the exchange was a scam and shared it on Twitter to get attention. Poloniex’s customer support department had to explain that the email is indeed real and not a scam.

It’s unclear how the email addresses and passwords landed on Twitter in the first place and what percentage of the leaked data contained current data from Poloniex customers.

The current exchange has yet to give a clear explanation of the matter, which has left many users bewildered whether the leak is real or not.

Poloniex leak list of email 4 Poloniex leak list of email 5

Source: Twitter

Earlier, Poloniex tweeted on December 14, “The only way to contact Poloniex Support is Polo Support or open a support ticket. We NEVER ask for your login information. ”

Recently, virtual currency exchange Poloniex introduced a new rule that allows you to create accounts without full Know Your Client (KYC) requests, as AZCoin News reported. Accounts that do not require an identification card, “Level 1.” If you complete the registration process, you can withdraw cash up to $ 10,000 a day.

Besides, Poloniex currently controls the largest decentralized exchange on the Tron blockchain network. Poloniex will operate TRX Market under the new name Poloni DEX.

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