[PolkaStarter] How can Blockchain redefine Gaming?

How can Blockchain redefine Gaming?

Bringing Blockchain is changing the way we as players interact and think about the gaming industry.

In this article, we will explore the two main differences between Blockchain Gaming and Traditional Gaming and how web3 is shaping the industry and behaviors.

FIRST: Total ownership over the assets
In traditional gaming, we've always been acquiring skins (aesthetic items in games), whether it’s Fortnite character skins , Counter Strike knife skins or League of Legends, you're always buying digital items.

It was always one way –  you put money into a game, but you'd never earn anything back. In traditional gaming, you can buy and own several items but you’ll never be its sole owner since other players will own exactly the same items.

At the same time, traditionally, if you were to transition over to another game, you would have lost everything, there was no carryover or transmission. So you’d have to sell your whole account for money, giving up full ownership of coins, skins etc.

Blockchain brought ownership into the Gaming industry, allowing authentication and verification of items. Every skin and NFT is now living on the blockchain. An NFT is not necessarily just a skin, it could be a character, sword, body armor or land.

Now you can literally just pack up and leave a game without necessarily having lost much. However, the assets could go down in value.

SECOND: The element of reward
Traditionally, you played a game and your reward was “fun” or “social recognition”. You literally had fun with your friends and got street cred. And that is essentially the point of playing video games.

If a player wanted to get paid from being the best, the only way was to join an esports team. The percentage of professional players to casual gamers is quite low. So only those at the very top are earning the most. And those at the bottom just enjoy playing the game without earning.

It’s also a natural evolution because players have always sold their accounts. Moonscape and Counter Strike GO skins were selling on the black market for real money and some accounts got banned from being listed on Ebay.

This still exists and some players do want to sell their in-game assets and make actual money that they can use to reinvest in the game or elsewhere. In blockchain gaming this became a given. Every game now allows you to earn the in-game currency that you accumulate. It's actual cryptocurrency!

Let’s move to some real examples Thetan Arena has the $THG token, which you can earn from playing in the game and Axie Infinity has $SLP, and so on.

Every single game pretty much has its end-game token which you are essentially generating by playing and trading assets. It’s a cryptocurrency that you can withdraw use to upgrade your items, either reinvest or simply, cash out on Metamask or Uniswap.

However, Blockchain can also mean losing all the fun in Gaming!

People are literally playing to earn and make more than a day job. This now means some of these games lacks game design, visuals or content and, in general, are not fun to play. They're pretty much click to earn and not even played around certain end-points.

This means that as soon as a game stops bringing earnings to its players, they will stop playing it and move on to the next one specially in crypto bear markets. Hopefully the Blockchain and gaming space can reintroduce high quality games to prioritize fun and make earning secondary, so they hold value during the bearish periods.

At Polkastarter Gaming our ethos is to play AND earn. We believe that game Design and Lore should always be the main focus of any gaming project, but at the same time should go hand-in-hand with Earning features.

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