Polkadot, Kusama, and Cardano: Top 3 Crypto Assets with Active Github Commits in Last 30 Days

Cryptocurrency traders often have divergent opinions on how vital it is for cryptocurrencies to be consistently innovated and improved. Some may argue that it is not important for a team of developers to be working on the functionality of an asset when it is already working as intended with minimal issues. However, the reality is that development activity is a critical metric that should be considered when evaluating a cryptocurrency.

Santiment, a leading provider of cryptocurrency data and insights, has been tracking development activity as a metric for evaluating cryptocurrencies. While it is essential to track the raw number of Github activities for an asset’s team, it can be highly misleading. Many updates are redundant, and some Githubs count every individual Slack message, making a raw count of them meaningless. To address this, Santiment filters through the noise and ignores routine updates or Slack conversations that do not contribute something meaningful for an asset.

There are three things to consider when an asset has high and thriving development activity rates:

  1. The team behind the project believes that the project will be successful.
  2. The project is shipping more features.
  3. There is less probability that the project is an exit scam.

The 20 leading assets for development activity over the past 30 days, as tracked by Santiment, are a mix of established and emerging cryptocurrencies. Notably, 17 out of these 20 assets are in the top 100 market cap. There is a high correlation between assets that are among the leading price gainers over a long period and those that have the most dedicated teams to advance the asset’s presence in the space.

It is also worth noting that all projects on this list have existed for over a year. The past six months have seen mixed returns, with some assets experiencing growth and others declining. For example, Ethereum ($ETH) had a 26% price increase, while Flow ($FLOW) saw a 47% price decline.

All projects on this list have existed for over a year as well. So let’s break down each of their price returns over the past 6 months:

  • T1 – Kusama ($KSM): -12% Change
  • T1 – Polkadot ($DOT): -8% Change
  • 3 – Cardano ($ADA): +2% Change
  • 4 – Cosmos ($ATOM): -9% Change
  • 5 – Hedera ($HBAR): +1% Change
  • 6 – Internet Computer ($ICP): +5% Change
  • 7 – Status ($SNT): -6% Change
  • 8 – Ethereum ($ETH): +26% Change
  • 9 – Decentraland ($MANA): -14% Change
  • 10 – Vega Protocol ($VEGA): -17% Change
  • 11 – Aptos ($APT): +14% Change
  • 12 – Chainlink ($LINK): -1% Change
  • 13 – IOTA ($MIOTA): -23% Change
  • 14 – Flow ($FLOW): -47% Change
  • 15 – Osmosis ($OSMO): -37% Change
  • 16 – MultiversX ($EGLD): -18% Change
  • T17 – Avalanche – BNB Chain ($AVAX): +2% Change
  • T17 – Avalanche ($AVAX): +2% Change
  • 19 – Filecoin ($FIL): +1% Change
  • 20 – Uniswap ($UNI): -18% Change

A comparison of the top 1-10 most developed assets and the top 11-20 most developed assets over the past six months reveals a significant difference. The top 1-10 assets had an average price change of -3%, while the top 11-20 assets had an average price change of -14%. This demonstrates that there is a correlation between development activity and price performance.

While development activity is a crucial metric, it is not the only one to consider when evaluating a cryptocurrency. Traders should also consider other metrics such as market capitalization, trading volume, and overall market sentiment. Nonetheless, development activity can be an essential factor to keep in mind when making investment decisions.

In conclusion, development activity is a vital metric that should be considered when evaluating cryptocurrencies. Santiment’s data on development activity can help traders make informed investment decisions. While there are other factors to consider, development activity is a crucial indicator of a cryptocurrency’s potential for long-term success.

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