The famous pizza chain Pizza Hut accepts Bitcoin payments at commercial establishments in Venezuela

Venezuela has long been caught in sanctions from the US, severely damaged in the economy, and the country’s fiat devalued, causing people to rush to buy cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. And now, businesses started racing to join the cryptocurrency market, such as the famous pizza chain Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut will start accepting Bitcoin in all commercial facilities deployed in Venezuela

According to the announcement on November 27, Pizza Hut will start accepting cryptocurrencies in all commercial facilities deployed in Venezuela. The service is derived from an alliance relationship with the Cryptobuyer exchange with the Cryptobuyer Pay app.

In a conversation with a local Venezuelan media, the general manager of the Pizza Hut chain in Venezuela mentioned the following:

“Pizza Hut’s adoption of cryptocurrency as a form of payment stems from the notion that consumers are of vital importance to us. Today’s pizza Hut cannot be separated from these technological advances and all those combinations of new systems of approaches or everyday life that people take. ”

Using Cryptobuyer Pay, the restaurant chain will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BNB, Ether, stablecoin Tether, and DAI and XPT, the native token of the Cryptobuyer exchange.

Pizza Hut joins a list of chains like Burger King, which also operates Cryptobuyer Pay to accept payments in cryptocurrency, and Church’s Chicken, which accepts payments with the Dash cryptocurrency.

Likewise, the Cryptobuyer company will provide VISA cards in Venezuela that can be recharged with cryptocurrencies and can be used in all commercial establishments that accept payments from payment processors popular worldwide in the world. The company announced the card in early November, and they still have a waiting list open.

You can see the BTC price here.

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