Peter Schiff’s funnier tweets about his lost Bitcoins are being turned into memorabilia

Some tweets about lost Bitcoin of American economist Peter Schiff are being turned into collector’s items by Bitcoiners, including images and mugs, after the password crisis. Peter Schiff, who is skeptical of cryptocurrencies, said he could not access his Bitcoin holdings after his digital wallet stopped accepting passwords.

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff. Image via fortune

Before going on to criticize the Bitcoin network more broadly, Schiff blamed the Bitcoin wallet he was using. Only after that did he realize that he had failed to set up the wallet properly from the beginning. Peter Schiff constantly manages to anger the members of the cryptocurrency community with frequent negative tweets about Bitcoin. But this does not seem to prevent Bitcoin from wanting to read his tweets.

Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, a registered broker/dealer specializing in foreign markets and securities, and the founder and President of SchiffGold, a full-service, discount precious metals dealer. He is also an extremely optimistic person about gold, depreciating the US dollar, and very skeptical about Bitcoin.

Schiff revealed that he owned some Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash on July 4, 2019. And he said that he was going to HODL his bitcoin no matter what happens to the Bitcoin price.

Schiff took to Twitter on January 19, to express his anger at Bitcoin after allegedly losing access to his cryptocurrency wallet holding bitcoin.

Schiff still insists that he hasn’t forgotten his Bitcoin wallet password:

Most people in CryptoTwitter, such as Anthony Pompliano (also known as “Pomp”), seem to believe that this is just a case of a “boomer” who has forgotten his password:

On January 23, Schiff finally realized that he actually had forgotten his wallet password and admitted this mistake.

Earlier this week, Tim Copeland reported that some of Schiff’s funny tweets about his lost Bitcoin are being turned into memorabilia:

Liberty Mugs has created a cup of coffee with the same tweet line and one can then read, “There is no chance I forgot my password. I used a very simple digital password that I have used many times in the past”.

Many Twitter commentators point out that Bitcoin holdings still exist, even if Schiff is currently unable to access them. Schiff is also not the first victim of the crypto password problem.

Customers lost access to around $ 190 million ($ 145 million) of cryptocurrency holdings at Quadriga CX digital asset exchange last year when access to public digital wallets lost company with the sudden death of the CEO.

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