Peter Brandt reveals 10% of their net worth millennials should keep in Bitcoin

According to trading expert Peter Brandt, millennials and generation X should invest at least 10% of their assets in Bitcoin to improve their financial situation. It’s clear that while millennials are struggling to make money, Peter Brandt has a pretty unique idea of ​​how they can improve their financial situation.

Bitcoin will help close the gap between rich and poor

After suffering the 9/11 event and the global financial crisis, millennials now own only one-third of US assets despite being in their thirties. Meanwhile, the Baby Boomers generation – the Brandt system belongs to – accounted for 21%.

However, in the next 25 years, the younger generation is expected to inherit nearly 70 million dollars from the Baby Boomers.

According to Kraken Intelligence, the research department of the Kraken exchange, if only 3% of the value of their assets invested in Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin could rise to over $ 200,000.


Source: Kraken Exchange

Do not put your trust in XRP

While advising the younger generations, Brandt did not miss the opportunity to criticize XRP. He urged everyone to stay away from XRP and not to put their faith in it.

Previously, Brandt had called XRP an outright scam that was grossly manipulated and was losing buyers to Chainlink (LINK).

As AZCoin News reported, XRP holders are currently in the red, with the token cost base being 86% lower than the current price.

Brandt hasn’t been particularly kind to XRP, which apparently put him at odds with its community. He recently tweeted that the token should be given out for free after recommending his followers to buy it when the price drops to a virtual zero. Due to a slew of indignant replies in his Twitter threads, the chartist scolded the XRP Army for its lack of civility.

However, it appears that Brandt is not willing to put up with immature cryptocurrency enthusiasts for any longer. On Apr. 27, he tweeted that he would stop tweeting about Bitcoin due to disrespectful crypto trolls.

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