PEPE Telegram and Twitter Channels Get Hacked

In a shocking turn of events, contributors to the Pepe (PEPE) cryptocurrency project have lost control of their “old” Telegram channel due to a malicious hack. Simultaneously, one of the oldest PEPE-associated Twitter accounts, LordKekLol, has been compromised by scammers. The news of these security breaches was officially announced on the main PEPE Twitter account today, September 9, 2023, sending shockwaves through the PEPE community and the broader crypto world.

Telegram Hacked, Community Dismayed

The official announcement on the main PEPE Twitter account alerted followers to the alarming situation. In a tweet, the team stated: “The old telegram for $PEPE is hacked and no longer in our control. The ‘lordkeklol’ account has been compromised. Whoever has gained access to this account is using it to push scams and deceive people and launch other coins. This person is lying and has zero association to $PEPE and any current or past members involved.”

The community has been urged to report the compromised Telegram group as a “fake account” to have it taken down. This incident has raised concerns about the security of the PEPE project and its community members.

Twitter Account LordKekLol Under Siege

The compromise of the LordKekLol Twitter account, a long-standing presence in the PEPE community, further deepened the crisis. This account, which had been trusted by many PEPE enthusiasts, is now under the control of scammers who are using it to promote fraudulent activities and deceive individuals into investing in unauthorized projects.

Community Response and Concerns

The PEPE community has been quick to respond to these unfortunate developments. Many members have expressed their outrage and disappointment over the security breaches. Security and trust are paramount in the crypto space, and these incidents have shaken the faith of many PEPE supporters.

The official announcement also emphasized that all future official communications from PEPE would be channeled through their Twitter account, @PEPEofficial, and nowhere else. This move aims to restore some level of trust among the community and prevent further misinformation from spreading.

Impact on Pepe (PEPE) Price and Market Sentiment

The timing of these security breaches couldn’t be worse for the Pepe (PEPE) cryptocurrency, which had already been facing significant challenges. As of the time of this report, PEPE is trading at a mere $0.00000078 on major exchanges. The cryptocurrency is on the brink of dropping out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Earlier in September 2023, large PEPE holders began selling their holdings at a loss, causing concerns about the project’s future. Over 2.3 trillion PEPE tokens have been transferred to exchanges and exchanged for Ethereum (ETH). The bearish sentiment within the PEPE community intensified when three team members, who had access to a multisig wallet, dumped over 16 trillion PEPE tokens on the OKX centralized exchange. This move led to a dramatic 24% overnight drop in the PEPE price.


The security breaches affecting the PEPE project’s Telegram and Twitter channels have sent shockwaves through the PEPE community and the crypto world at large. These incidents not only highlight the importance of robust security measures in the cryptocurrency space but also serve as a stark reminder of the risks associated with investing in meme coins and relatively new projects.

PEPE enthusiasts are now left hoping that the project can recover from these setbacks and regain the trust of its community. In the meantime, the cryptocurrency’s market performance and community sentiment remain uncertain, with many closely watching how the situation unfolds.

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