PEPE Surges Ahead of Bitcoin and Shiba Inu in Social Media Interactions

The social analysis platform, LunarCrush, has reported that the PEPE token has seen a significant surge in social interaction activity, with discussions and mentions of it skyrocketing on social media.

According to LunarCrush, PEPE is leading the way in social interaction activity, surpassing Bitcoin and even Shiba Inu (SHIB). Bitcoin comes in second in terms of social interaction activity, while Shiba Inu ranks seventh.

High social interaction activity indicates a tremendous level of community engagement in social media posts, measured by likes, messages, comments, engagement from influential accounts, and more.

The hype around “Pepe” took a new turn on May 13th after Tesla CEO Elon Musk indirectly referenced Pepe in a tweet. The price of the PEPE token unexpectedly rose in response to the tweet.

Contributing to the increase in social interaction activity for Pepe is Gemini’s campaign to give away 1 billion PEPE tokens.

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced that they would be giving away 1 billion Pepe tokens to one lucky winner. One of the criteria to qualify is to share Gemini’s Pepe post.

The sudden surge in social interaction activity and price for the PEPE token highlights the influence of social media and celebrity endorsements in the world of cryptocurrency. It also demonstrates the power of community engagement in driving interest and value for specific tokens.

It remains to be seen whether the PEPE token can sustain its newfound popularity and value, but for now, it seems to be riding a wave of social media hype and attention.

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