PeckShield security firm reporting a Metadao rugpull with 800 ETH being stolen

Another hack occurred in the market, Metadao, suspected to be a rugpull with 800 ETH being stolen.

Millions are stolen in the most recent DeFi scam series: Metadao

This time, a total of $3.8 million in user funds were stolen, or about 800 ETH. Accordingly, according to Etherscan, we can see multiple transactions in the TornadoCash funds mixer.

The address has been marked as the “Metadao” rugpull address. It currently holds 46 Ethereum coins. 75 Ethereum finally moved to the address just two hours ago. Before that, the wallet made more than 50 transactions, while there were 180 transactions in total. Currently, the funds remain in the Tornadocash coin mixer, so tracking user funds is most likely impossible. Funds may be forfeited.


Source: Etherescan

In addition to the previously stolen Ethereum, another protocol based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) disappointed users by stealing around 1,100 BSC. While the value of the stolen funds remains relatively low compared to the $3.2 million stolen, users have expressed their concerns about the overall safety of the network and the industry.

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