PeckShield researchers noticed that some THE tokens might be associated with honeypot contracts

Here’s what is wrong with the token inspired by Ethereum’s creator – and why it might be dangerous for retail customers to purchase THE right now.

CEX listing, 100M airdrop to Vitalik Buterin, honeypots: Be careful with THE

THE token, a new meme coin, was launched on Oct.14, 2022, as a response of Vitalik Buterin’s suggestion. Ethereum’s creator was wondering why was this catchy sticker still free.

After his proposal, a memetic token contract was deployed to Ethereum. 100 million THE (10% of its supply) was immediately transferred to Vitalik’s address. The token was pumping like any other meme coin in the next two days. However, experts from PeckShield alert unveiled that some contracts associated with THE supply are honeypots: users can only inject liquidity to THE protocol, but withdrawals are blocked.

THE token has already been listed by MEXC Global centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Also, Uniswap V3 THE-WETH liquidity pool gains steam. THE Right now, THE token is being aggressively promoted by eponymous English and Chinese groups on Telegram. The groups only broadcast the statistics of THE purchasing. Also, a deep fake video spreading on TikTok demonstrates Vitalik Buterin endorsing THE Protocol and its token. However, Vitalik made no such statements. By press time, THE Twitter account has over 2,500 followers, while THE-themed Telegram groups have 1500-2000 followers each.

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