P&E Game “Town Star” Enables Exchange between In-game Currencies TOWN and GALA

Gala Games, the popular blockchain gaming platform, has announced that it is now possible to exchange the in-game utility token “TOWN” for the crypto asset “GALA.”

The announcement was made by the company on March 14th and comes after the company declared the end of TOWN’s function as a reward token on January 10th. The exchange rate has been set at 1.25 TOWN = 1 GALA, and TOWN holders can exchange their tokens for GALA for 180 days. After the exchange period ends, TOWN will no longer be useful and will be delisted from all exchanges.

Gala Games is preparing for the relaunch of its flagship game, Town Star, under the leadership of Farmville visionary game creator Mark Skaggs. The Town Star team has an exciting roadmap in store, along with a brand new economic model that will breathe new life into the beloved game while paving the way for new players to enjoy adventures around town. The new economic model will introduce a new decoration system for cosmetic customization of your Town, new social system, such as viewing others’ towns, upgradeable NFTs, enhanced competitions, and more.

Gala Games has developed its own L1 blockchain “GYRI,” which has already been used in the massively multiplayer online battle game “Spider Tanks.” GALA is an ecosystem-wide utility token, acting as a “gas token” for trading on the chain, similar to ETH on Ethereum.

The company plans to further develop GYRI, launch Blockchain Explorer, game titles such as Town Star, and use GYRI chain in entertainment fields such as music and movies. Gala Games also plans to add game titles that use GYRI and introduce a P2P marketplace in the second half of this year.

Town Star is a farming and town-building simulation game representing Gala Games. It gained popularity with a mechanism in which players competed to see how they could develop their farms within a limited amount of land and time.

Townstar’s major upgrade is set to take place “in the coming weeks,” with the most notable change being the game engine transition. Townstar’s new version “Townstar Forever (TSF)” is based on a game engine called “GODOT.” By using this server authority game engine, countermeasures against cheating such as hacking are strengthened. In addition, the game can be played even when the long-awaited browser is closed.

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