[PancakeSwap] PancakeSwap June Recap

Is it really Q3 already? Time flies when you’re watching your CAKE stack up…

The crypto markets took a hard hit around the start of the month, but Pancake’s keeping the griddle hot throughout the storm.

Let’s take a look at what’s been cooking in the kitchen through June — with a sneak peek of the coming months as well ?

Data Recap: June 2021


  • Total Volume: $19.170B
  • Average Daily Volume: $639M
  • Unique traders: 1.98M
  • Unique users: 9.54M
  • 27 CAKE staker reward pools (syrup + boost)
  • $12.6M in rewards
  • BNB won in prediction: 256,076 / $72, 981, 600
  • Total volume of positions placed: 64,205 BNB / $91,435,555


  • Total burned 27,536,557 CAKE / $431M
  • Bought back from the market to burn: $20M
  • ? Total value burned through V2 swaps: $25M
  • Average Emission Rate: Approx 17 CAKE per block
  • # of holders: 412,828 (+10%)

Product Updates Recap: June 2021

Exchange V2 UI Updates

We totally reworked the user interface of the V2 exchange with a fresher look and feel and new features like Token Lists.
But there are lots more developments in store… What would you like to see on the swap interface?

Info & Analytics Re-release

After several months of downtime, the Info & Analytics site is back in action and better than ever before. Check detailed info on PancakeSwap’s trading pairs and tokens, with charts for price, volume, liquidity, and more.

Have you discovered any exciting new projects on the Tokens page?

How about sorting the Pools page to find the pools which give the highest LP rewards?

Visit the Info site to explore for yourself, or read our initial post about the relaunch.

Voting Re-release

The Voting site is now back in action with a fresh lick of paint, and now much better able to support the volume of visitors. We’re still fixing a few bits and pieces but overall it’s up and running smoothly.

Reducing CAKE Emissions by 10%

In fact, the first new Core vote has just come to a close, with CAKE holders like you voting to reduce CAKE emission by a massive 10%, dropping daily emission from 530,000 to 501,200.

This is great news for CAKE holders: it’s another step on the road to a deflationary CAKE ecosystem. Here’s how the tokenomics will look once the changes are implemented:

Learn more about CAKE tokenomics.

More Stuff

APR displayed on farms now includes estimated trading fees.

Did you know that a 0.17% trading fee is taken from each trade, and distributed to that liquidity pool’s LP token holders?

That means that even when you stake your LP tokens in a yield farm, you’re also earning trading fees, as well as the additional CAKE you earn from the farm.

We now show an estimated combined APR in the farms

Merch Store Donations

We donate 100% of proceeds from the PancakeSwap merch store to Givewell, a charity aiming to optimize donations to do the most good possible.

In our latest donation, your purchases donated $2,047.52 to Givewell’s Malaria Consortium.
Get merch, support charity, look awesome. ???

Device Wallpapers!

You’ve got your own swag from the PancakeSwap store already: time to deck out your devices as well!
Download our fun PancakeSwap wallpapers for your desktop and phone, and share pics of your CAKE Battle Station with us on Twitter or Telegram!

Double NFT Drop

In the last week of June we dropped not one, but two fresh new NFTs to qualifying PancakeSwap profile holders.

You can claim the NFT(s) on the Collectibles page if you:

? Syrup Soak (3D)

Staked $CAKE in the auto-compounding Syrup Pool before June 30th at 12:00 AM UTC

? Claire:

Played a round of prediction anytime since launch. (Round 0–12,100)

⚠️⚠️ Warning! If you add CAKE to the Auto CAKE Syrup Pool before claiming the Syrup Soak NFT, you won’t be able to claim the NFT! CLAIM BEFORE STAKING! ⚠️⚠️

What does all this work in the kitchen look like?

See for yourself!

Check out the development that’s been happening in June on the PancakeSwap Github with ? this sweet visualisation video! ?

Coming Soon

As usual, we won’t be giving strict dates for these upcoming releases, but your favorite pancake-flipping bunnies are hard at work in the kitchen bringing these dishes to your table.

Lottery V2

It’s coming


Are you ready?

The way you play is changing. Check last month’s recap for the details on how the new Lottery system works.

The first few prize pots will include /all/ the CAKE that would normally have gone to the V1 Lottery if it was still running… and that’s going to mean some absolutely huge jackpots.

And don’t forget, 20% of all CAKE spent on tickets gets ?BURNED!?

Get hyped.

Community Farm Auctions

Every week we get an overwhelming number of applications from projects wanting to host incentivized Yield Farms and Syrup Pools on PancakeSwap. So many, in fact, that our schedule for launching farms is backed up several weeks in advance.

For the many projects that we are not able to offer Core farms to, we’ve come up with a solution (reusing a name that Pancake OGs might remember): Community Farm Auctions.

Here’s the plan for now (subject to change!).

  • Qualifying projects will have a chance to bid for a farm in an auction using CAKE tokens.
  • Auctions will last 24 hours, and take place once a week.
  • The top bidders will win a one-week Community Farm with a 1x multiplier.
  • If your bid isn’t successful, you’ll be able to reclaim your CAKE.
  • If your bid is successful and you win a Farm, the CAKE you bid will be burned.

For projects, this gives a way to incentivize liquidity provision for your token’s pairs. For CAKE holders, the CAKE burned will contribute to the ongoing reduction of CAKE supply.

More details to come.

If you’re a project looking to run a Farm, apply via the application form. We’ll try to get back to you within 2 weeks.


The Telegram community is great for instant messaging, but not great as a knowledge base. We’re working on a Forum for more discussion to help combine the collective knowledge of the community in a more easily searchable way.

Exchange Integration

We’re in the final stages of bringing the PancakeSwap exchange interface (swaps and liquidity management) onto the same domain as the rest of the app.

Many of you might not even notice a difference, but this is a huge step in terms of performance and making it easier for our different products to work together.

Here are some of the things we’ll be able to work on once the exchange is relocated to the main domain:

  • Smoother liquidity provision directly from Farms page
  • Integration of charts
  • Stay connected across all parts of the PancakeSwap product suite
  • Seamless navigation between Farms, Pools, Liquidity Management and Swaps
  • Much more under-the-hood fun

NFT Ecosystem

…We heard you guys like NFTs. ?

Simple Liquidity

We’re making it easier to add liquidity to liquidity pools.

You may have used “Zap” mechanisms for liquidity provision before; we’re working on an upgrade.

Even if you’ve only got $200 of Token A and $300 of Token B, you’ll be able to deposit them all in a liquidity pool at once, and let the system rebalance your tokens to a 50/50 split for you.

May be available for select pairs only at first.

Portfolio & Dashboard

Your assets on PancakeSwap, at a glance.
Still in the design stages, but let us know what you think about this sneak peek below.

Is that it?

? That’s certainly not all we’ve got planned, but it’s all we’ll say for now.

Is there anything else you’d like to see?

Let us know on Twitter, in our Telegram group, or over on our growing Reddit community!

Stack ‘em!

Bugs ??

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