Overview of Watford LLC Group case SEC requested to suspend because of audit transparency

Investment is always a form of risky profitability, the greater the risk, the more profit. Therefore, it is not difficult to see cases where Vietnamese investors often fall into the situation of not knowing how and who to look for after foolishly handing over hundreds of millions, even billions of VND into the hands of Vietnamese investors ambiguous project owner. This is the story of the investors of the Watford LLC Group. Everything from yesterday until now has been like a honeycomb when the project representative in Vietnam announced that the group is currently operating at the request of the SEC, to audit the company’s transparency. Is this true, or is it just an excuse for an exit-scam?

What is Watford?

Watford LLC Group is a dynamically growing corporation that, as described, has an authoritative control process and effective management, and this has contributed to the rapid growth of the company. In fact, this is a joint-stock company, comprised of subsidiaries that operate in multiple industries.

  • Goldminebmd gold mining company
  • NMWenergy alternative energy production and distribution company
  • Waste collection and recycling company EDV-Recycling
  • Marijuana-diet pharmaceutical company

Richard Watford is the founder of Watford LLC. His direction is to run the company according to the “People to Company” business model to eliminate fraud and prevent financial loss for investors. He created intermediaries, contractors, and third-party interaction systems, leaving only two main links in the workflow – the client and the company. Because of this model, investors are feeling insecure because of the company collapses or disappears without a trace; they will not know who to ask for help.

The situation at Watford LLC Group

Yesterday, September 28, 2020, the representative of Watford LLC Vietnam announced as follows:

“Watford LLC’s issue is ONLY to clarify the matter. JUST NOT CLOSED. For Watford LLC, which is authorized by the Washington, DC State government, not to operate illegally. Watford LLC has to pay taxes in full for its renewal of business registration. I hope you are a Watford LLC Shareholder see the problem really OBJECTIVE Today is Watford LLC is required by the State Securities Commission (SEC) Audit Due to the COVID crisis, the stock prices of Watford LLC’s subsidiaries were still going up. In contrast, the international stock markets had to close for the transparency of Watford LLC’s subsidiaries. Not Watford LLC, an investor scam.”

And indeed, when accessing the project website, we can see the statement from the SEC as follows:

“To the Securities and Exchange Commission, it seems that the public interest and Investor protection requires the suspension of trading in securities. Inc. (“Watford LLC”) out of concerns about the adequacy and accuracy of publicly available information about Watford LLC, including its financial condition and operations, if any, in light of the lack of stock listing on the NASDAQ communications service issuer whose share price has risen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Commission believes that the public interest and investor protection demand the suspension of trading in the securities of the above company. THEREFORE, ORDERED in accordance with Section 12 (k) of the Stock Exchange. Law of 1934, according to which trading in the securities of the above company is suspended.”


After this announcement, many investors were in a state of extreme panic and worried that the project would be suspended forever. However, after that, a series of “hands and feet” of Watford reassured users. They gave reasons such as “The SEC does it often too large American companies and corporations,” “This is not the first time the SEC has been so strict,” “The company is examined, the more transparent it will be. more “,” any company will be tested “, …

Specifically, one of the people who have a voice in the Watford Vietnam community said:

“If you have time, everyone should learn more about the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is not the first time that the SEC has caused difficulties, litigation, and investigation with the large corporations above. ITS SPECIAL ISSUES ALL THE COINS INCLUDED TO THE US SECURITIES COMMITTEE ONLY ARE AVAILABLE AND OPERATING NORMAL.)”

They’re not wrong but seem to be swapping the concept. If a company operates properly and lists the correct price of shares (not the price of shares increasing every second, every minute as above), it is complicated to be “touched by the authorities.” No wonder most companies in the US today are frozen because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Watford Group is still operating normally, if not rapidly growing. This is really a strange thing, not only the authorities but also an ordinary person quickly questioned.

Watford Vietnam community is quite crowded, now has more than 1,800 people, although the project has only been operating for nearly half a year. Someone even shared that they invested in the project almost half a billion dong. And once a company has problems following an audit request from the SEC, its share price is bound to fall dramatically. Just such a simple visualization is enough to understand how significant the damage is!

To avoid that situation, the Watford Vietnam team has been doing an outstanding job of thinking for its investors. For the time being, the situation is still temporarily called stable. Let’s continue to wait and see what happens to come!

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