Over the past three days, more than 4.5 trillion SHIB has been transferred by the largest whales on Ethereum

According to WhaleStats, over the past three days, the top 100 whales on ETH have purchased more than 855 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB). Besides, anonymous wallets transferred an eye-twitching 3.3 trillion Shiba Inu a few days ago.

According to the recent data published on the WhaleStats website, over the past three days, top Ethereum wallet owners added a total of 855 614 973 262 Shiba Inu, worth $9.6 million. On September 21, their SHIB stash totaled $125,152,623 in Shiba Inu meme coins. By now, this amount of meme crypto has increased to $134,767,965 worth of SHIB. Also, three days ago, two anonymous wallets exchanged a whopping 3,305,315,050,342 SHIB evaluated at $37,019,528. On the day of the transfer, this sum in fiat was $2 million smaller.


Over the past 24 hours, Shiba Inu canine token gained more than 8%, rising to $0.00001147.By now, however, the price has dropped 2.5%, and the coin is trading at $0.00001118 on the Bitstamp exchange.

Italian fashion brand John Richmond has shared a video clip to promote its recent collaboration with meme token Shiba Inu. A “very exclusive” event that showcases the results of the tie-up is expected to take place in Milano, the capital of the Lombardy region in northern Italy.

The futuristic video clip shows mannequins dressed in John Richmond clothes floating in front of a Shiba Inu logo and a snake in the middle of a desert. A giant guitar with speakers can be seen in the background. Not mincing words, John Richmond says that the partnership has “rocked all expectations” at Milan Fashion Week.

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