Over 130,000 BTC have been shifted in the last few hours between Bitcoin whales

In the past few hours, over 130,000 BTC have been circulated in the market, between wallets with unregistered owners, or from exchange wallets. Perhaps the Bitcoin whales are moving their assets.

Nearly 100,000 BTC transferred over the last few hours by Coinbase and anonymous Bitcoin whales

If counting from nine hours ago, there are about 133,356 BTC transferred from anonymous wallets, exchange wallets.

Prior to that, the blockchain tracker spotted two consecutive transactions, carrying 12,000 BTC each and 24,000 in total. That constitutes $953,985,600. The last two transfers were made around seven hours ago between internal Coinbase wallets.


As of four hours ago, there were about 33,659 BTC in circulation | Source: Whale Alert

Meanwhile, in just over an hour, a whopping 69,058 BTC has been moved between wallets with unregistered owners. Seven transactions bearing approximately 9,900 BTC to 9,700 BTC each have been detected by the Whale Alert team. That totals 69,058 BTC and amounts to a staggering $2,745,014,065.


A whopping 69,058 BTC were moved between wallets with unregistered owners

And just recently, an hour ago, 30,639 BTC were transferred from Coinbase exchange to an anonymous wallet. If only in the last few hours, there are about 99,697 BTC in circulation.


This move of the whales could be that they are trading OTC or withdrawing BTC to the exchange for storage. As AZCoin News reported, over the past six weeks cryptocurrency whales have bought a whopping 170,000 BTC.

At the moment, BTC has dropped below $40,000, contrary to the significant increase as mentioned by AZCoin News a few hours ago. BTC is currently changing hands at $39,875, recording a 7% gain over the past 24 hours.

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