Other Than Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Where to Invest?


‘It took decades for the real estate securitization approach to acquire recognition, but the tokenization alternative has seen remarkable success in only a few short years.’ shared Dr. Alex Pham – CEO of Real Box, one of the pioneer, prestigious and illustrious projects in Vietnam about crypto real estate investment.

Indeed, NFTs make it possible to easily tokenize both traditional and cyber assets, which opens the door to a dynamic and innovative ecosystem in which market players may trade a wide variety of goods and services, including works of art, songs, and in-game stuff.

Since the summer of 2017, the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been seeing phenomenal growth. Real estate is now a clear and straightforward investment opportunity, from the way digital assets operate as decentralized platforms to the value of the property itself. And so, in recent years, the blockchain, the decentralized network that underpins various cryptocurrencies, is where non-traditional financial instruments (NFTs) are stored.

  1. Are cryptocurrencies and NFTs still as appealing as they once were?

Trading is a basic idea in economics, and it entails buying and selling different types of assets. These may be anything like offerings, and the purchaser is the one who gives the supplier the reimbursement. In certain circumstances, the transaction may consist of the exchanging of products and services between the persons involved in the trade.

Although cryptocurrencies are nearly always supposed to be independent from the domination and abuse of governments, this fundamental component of the business has come under scrutiny as it has increased in popularity along with cryptocurrencies. 

Even if some of these currencies may have certain amazing characteristics that Bitcoin does not, the degree of safety that Bitcoin’s systems attain has mostly not been seen by an alternative yet, and this is something that has yet to be seen by an altcoin. Some well-known altcoins are known as cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Safe and reliable ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs

NFTs make use of blockchain technology in the same way as cryptocurrencies do.

The vast majority of non-traditional financial instruments (NFTs) are tied to Ether, Ethereum’s native coin. 

The majority of individuals purchase NFTs for the purpose of “bragging rights.” They have a deep love for the NFT, and they wish to make the most of the opportunity to be its official owners. There are some similarities between doing so and selling an autograph.

Equity in investment, especially real estate investment

A good example of this is the pioneer in promoting fairness in Vietnam, which is Realbox. This is also a perfect choice for those who are considering financial real estate investment. When multiple individuals own, sell, and monitor a piece of real estate, it will become more transparent and will do away with any previously hidden edges, such as owner data and pricing. On both smart contracts and blockchains, every relevant piece of data is recorded.

  1. Investing in Real Estate: an unusual yet common aspect

The purchase of real estate and continued ownership of that property may be a very fulfilling and successful kind of financial strategy. In contrast to investors in stocks and bonds, potential tenants of real estate may utilize leverage to purchase a property by paying a part of the property’s entire cost up front and then offering to pay down the remaining amount, together with interest.

There is no universally accepted benchmark for what constitutes a “good” return on investment, and what one investor deems unsatisfactory, another may find attractive.

Your willingness to take on risk is one of the most important factors that determines how much return on investment (ROI) you may anticipate from an investment in real estate.

On the other hand, investors who are unwilling to take risks may be content to accept lower ROIs in return for more assurance.

Especially in Vietnam, Dr. Alex Pham – Real Box’s CEO, who has studied the real estate sector for about 20 years, thinks the growth of real estate tokenization is due to the benefits of this approach. Tokenization has helped the real estate market overcome obstacles such as onerous documentation, restricted investment locations due to distance, and high initial investment fees. Real estate ownership becomes more accessible to the general public as a result.

Key takeaways

You may get more information on real estate tokenization and other current real estate investing strategies on trustworthy domestic and international information websites.

RealBoxOfficial is one such platform, and it has a ton of information and different areas to help people learn about and become involved in contemporary real estate investing.

Not only is this a reliable destination for people interested in services and investments, but also for those who adore, want to concentrate on long-term investment in a modern, or just wish to learn about the newest market trends.

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